The Least Worst Place

(Formerly Trojan Woman)

Lindsay Joelle

Monday May 30 at 10 a.m.

A new recruit learns he's destined to become his nation's greatest hero. A mixed--‐ race translator pledges loyalty to her country, but may be leaking classified information over enemy lines. When they meet on a military transport plane, the two soldiers begin a secret love that will pit who they say they are against who the war demands they be. Between late night training simulations, early missions, and a resurrecting bird that may or may not be an omen of doom, Briseis and Achilles' pillow talk reveals two ordinary people falling in love. But how well can you ever know the person sleeping beside you?



  • Achilles – Michael Judah
  • Briseis – Jodi Vaccaro
  • Odysseus – Will Wright
  • Chryses – Tim Barr
  • Narrator – Stephanie Elrod