Snowed In: An Imagining

Paul Hufker

Monday May 30 at 10 a.m.

Edward Snowden is trapped in a small Russian airport. To stave off insanity, he invents a personality for a Russian stapler, and he talks to his cat. But more than this, Snowden seems to be very interested in the Holographic Principle. For the first time since this leak-turned escape ordeal began, the Principle has Snowden’s synapses firing in a pleasing manner. Spacetime becomes appropriately fluid as characters weave their way into and out of Snowden’s airport world. But beyond all this, a black cloud (or a black hole?) is beginning to swallow up the outside world. How does Snowden get out of this one?



  • Stage Direction – Daniel Palensky


  • Snowden – J. Richard Thomas
  • Cat – Claudia de Latour
  • Female Roles – Wendy Hamilton
  • Stapler – Brent Lubbert
  • Male Roles – Daniel Palensky