Royal Jelly

Paul Cameron Hardy

Monday, May 30 at 4 p.m.

Hernandez, McCoy, and Boz Rawlson, beat cops all three, enjoy a disgusting, rowdy picnic in a field. When Della, a young do-gooder encroaches on their party to plant wildflowers in an effort to help save the world's bee population, the police – ever reactionary – threaten to arrest and tase her. After confiscating and eating her seed bombs (Mistaken for candies), the cops all turn into wildflowers. Della panics, trying to find a way to undo this, while the flowers get pollinate by bees, and witness other (some odd, some mundane) happenings in the field they are now rooted to.


Stage Direction

  • Jushua J Mullady


  • McCoy – Tim Mantil
  • Hernandez – Mallory Frellich
  • Boz Rawlson – Eric Green
  • Della – Caitlin Mabon
  • Carla – TBD
  • Eddi – TBD
  • Joey – Kelsi Weston
  • Jordy – Colleen Kilcoyne
  • Jane – Olivia Jones
  • Fred Upstairs – Robby Stone
  • Trish – M. Michele Phillips
  • Fletcher – Dan Luethke