King Dick

Christian Levatino

Tuesday, May 31 at 10 a.m.

The Manson case is in full swing and Mercury is in retrograde. Christmastime, 1970: The King just spent 100 G’s on gifts, and he’s on the run from Graceland. His kata form cannot be topped. He pops pills like peanut butter bacon banana sandwiches and dreams of Butterfly Flying on Shaoshi Mountain. After a face to face with an American Airlines bathroom oracle, Elvis concocts a scheme to offer the leader of the free world his influential voice in exchange for a new symbol of power. King Dick examines the true events that led Elvis Presley to seek out President Richard Nixon for a Federal AgentatLarge badge. Will Dick Nixon say yes? The future of America depends on The King. This was the last time anyone would be allowed to cold call the President of the United States.



  • Stage Director – Erika Hall Sieff


  • Elvis Presley – Rob Baker
  • Richard Nixon / Gladys Presley – Jeff Shields
  • Jesse Presley – Ben Sieff
  • Bud Krogh – David Sindelar
  • Dwight Chapin – Wes Clowers
  • Jerry Schilling – Andy Niess
  • Sonny West – Simon Lovell
  • Rosemary – Karen Cordes