Jeremy Gable

Tuesday, May 31 at 2 p.m.

Video game development is the only thing Alex Newbauer really knows. She spends all day in her apartment, toiling away on an independently financed game entitled D-Pad that is loosely based on her sister Rachel’s humanitarian work in Brazil. As she engages in discussions with the video game character she has created, she tries to work out the game’s glitches in time for its release date. Alex soon realizes that she needs to re-do the entire game, focusing on the sociopolitical aspects of Rachel’s work. However, a threatening phone call reveals that this news is not received well by the gaming community. Alex is met with a barrage of hateful e-mails, calls and Tweets from a group of gamers who are upset about the new change. And D-Pad quickly becomes a battle not just to make something important, but to make anything at all.



  • Stage Direction – Dan Wach


  • Alex Newbauer – Ariel Bauer
  • Rachel Newbauer – Colleen O'Doherty
  • Justin Bailey – Eric Grant-Leanna
  • Fan, etc. – Beau Fisher