Dan Giles

Tuesday, May 31 at 2 p.m.

Dean and Mikey are two men who are about to have a baby. Until recently, they both thought that they were ready to settle down. Now, stifled by convention and dreaming of adventure, Dean has doubts that gnaw at him, but he can’t change his mind unless he’s prepared to break Mikey’s heart. Jason and Tyson are two hamsters who are about to have nine babies. Until recently, they both thought that they were male. Now, smothered by affection and longing for escape, Tyson has fears that nibble at her, but she can’t break free unless she’s prepared to silence Jason forever. All this is to say that nobody was planning to eat anyone. Things just got out of hand. Breeders is a comedy about the cozy cage of mainstreamed queerness, the surprising variety of things that can fit in one’s mouth, and the tender savagery of ordinary love.



  • Dean – TBA
  • Mikey – Bill Grennan
  • Jason – Nick Albrecht
  • Tyson – Krystal Kelly Warren