5 More

Bonnie Metzgar

Wednesday, June 1 at 2 p.m.

Ruth is 100 years old and can still crack the neck of a bobcat in her bare hands. DJ is 50. They just celebrated their 25th anniversary with Fiona and they’re thinking it’s time for a change. They know all about change. They’re a 5, and 5s are change junkies, especially queer ones. DJ used to be Dory and before that, dorothy jane. One day, a long time ago when dorothy jane’s grandpa died, she had to go live with her great aunt Rahu, who told her she was a 5 while stirring a pot of rib bones on the stove. Now after a fight kept them apart for 25 years, Rahu wants to see her.



  • Stage Director – TBD


  • DJ – Andrea Hart
  • Dory – Colleen O'Doherty
  • Dorothy Jane – Joselyn Hayko
  • Ruth / Rahu – Char Willoughby
  • Fiona – Ashely Spessard
  • Pop – Paul Boesing
  • Nurse – Nik Whitcomb