2016 PlayFest - The Retreating World

A Performance and Conversation with Naomi Wallace

7:30 pm, Friday, June 3
Gallery 1516
1516 Leavenworth St
Directed by Elena Araoz

A performance of the middle section of Naomi Wallace's brilliant play The Fever Chart, and a conversation with the playwright about her work, life and perspective on the role of theatre in expanding our capacity for compassion.

“Naomi Wallace commits the unpardonable sin of being partisan, and, the darkness and harshness of her work notwithstanding, outrageously optimistic. She seems to believe the world can change. She certainly writes as if she intends to set it on fire.”

- Tony Kushner

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Director and Crew

  • Director   Elena Araoz
  • Production Coordinator   Steve Bross
  • Technical Director   Mark Krejci
  • Site Coordinator  
  • Stage Manager  
  • Costume Designer   Valerie St. Pierre Smith
  • Assistant Stage Manager  
  • Sound Technician  
  • Props   Carol Wisner
  • Set Design  
  • Lighting Design   Bill Van Deest


Special Thank You

Patrick Drickey, Gallery 1516