2016 PlayFest - Northside Carnation

by Denise Chapman

A part of Neighborhood Tapestries

6:30 pm, Sunday, May 29
Gallery Walk
2416 Lake St. (Carver Bank Building)

7:30 pm, Sunday, May 29
2420 Lake St. (Elks Lodge)
Directed by Lara Marsh

Northside Carnation is based on the life of Mildred Brown, matriarch of Omaha’s north side and founder of the Omaha Star newspaper, a channel of communication for Omaha’s African American community. The play journeys across four decades of Omaha history and explores the struggles and triumphs of a leader and a community in a time of great change, asking the question, "Where do we need to go from here?" The play will be performed alongside a gallery installation of the same theme.

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Director and Crew

  • Director   Lara Marsh
  • Production Coordinator   Steve Bross
  • Technical Director   Mark Krejci
  • Site Coordinator  
  • Stage Manager  
  • Costume Designer   Valerie St. Pierre Smith
  • Assistant Stage Manager  
  • Sound Technician  
  • Props   Jennifer Brown
  • Set Design   Nils Haaland
  • Sound Design   Martin Magnuson


  • Mildred D. Brown – Denise Chapman

Special Thank You

North Omaha Elks Club