2016 PlayFest - Leftovers

by Josh Wilder

7:30 pm, Tuesday May 31

Metropolitan Community College
Fort Omaha Campus
Swanson Conference Center
32nd and Sorensen Parkway

Directed by Levy Lee Simon

In inner city Philadelphia, an abnormally huge dandelion has grown through the sidewalk in front of the house of Jalil and Kwamaine, two brothers who are waiting for the arrival of their nonexistent father. Leftovers tell the story of the brothers as they figure out their journey to manhood without their father and discover the reality of their dreams. A poignant, poetic, gritty play full of family and magic, penned by Josh Wilder and featured as a GPTC MainStage reading in 2014.

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  • Stage Manager – Stephanie Shattuck
  • Assistant Stage Manager – Raelynn McCreary
  • Production Coordinator – Steve Bross
  • Technical Site Coordinator – Liz Kendall-Weisser
  • Costume Design – Valerie St. Pierre Smith
  • Sound Technician – Kat Harper
  • Scenic / Lighting Designer – Steven Williams


  • Jalil – Brandon Williams
  • Kwamaine – Japrice Green
  • Raquelle – TammyRa' Jackson
  • Dijon – Dennis Kelly
  • Chris – D. Kevin Williams
  • Cliff Huxtable – Devel Crisp

Special Thank You

Michael B. Maroney, Omaha Economic Development Corporation
City of Omaha