GPTC 2016 PlayFest

May 29-June 3

PlayFest is a performance festival held on selected evenings during the Conference in various locations across Omaha. PlayFest examines how theatre is produced, its connection to society and what new designs are possible. Performances take on a variety of forms from devised work created by local and national artists, to full-length plays highlighting the work of honored and featured playwrights to Neighborhood Tapestries, a celebration of local stories, music, art and community. The result is a diverse and vibrant portrait of the city, a chance for different groups to interact and a dialogue within the community about the stories that affect our lives

2015 PlayFest Highlights

Northside Carnation
by Denise Chapman

A part of Neighborhood Tapestries

7:30 pm, Sunday, May 29
2420 Lake St.
Elks Hall Iroquois Lodge No. 92

Northside Carnation is based on the life of Mildred D. Brown, matriarch of Omaha’s north side and founder of the Omaha Star newspaper, a channel of communication for Omaha’s African American community. The play journeys across four decades of Omaha history and explores the struggles and triumphs of a leader and a community in a time of great change, asking the question, "Where do we need to go from here?" The play will be performed alongside a gallery installation of the same theme.

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by Josh Wilder

7:30 pm, Tuesday May 31

Metropolitan Community College
Fort Omaha Campus
Swanson Conference Center
32nd and Sorensen Parkway

Directed by Levy Lee Simon

In inner city Philadelphia, an abnormally huge dandelion has grown through the sidewalk in front of the house of Jalil and Kwamaine, two brothers who are waiting for the arrival of their nonexistent father. Leftovers tell the story of the brothers as they figure out their journey to manhood without their father and discover the reality of their dreams. A poignant, poetic, gritty play full of family and magic, penned by Josh Wilder and featured as a GPTC MainStage reading in 2014.

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I Understand Everything Better
With Advanced Beginner Group

7:30 pm, Wednesday, June 1
Creighton University Lied Education Center for the Arts
2500 California Plaza
Direction and Choreography by David Neumann
Text by Sibyl Kempson

Combining extraordinary theatrical invention and virtuosic text this multidisciplinary dance-based performance by Bessie-Award winning choreographer/performer David Neumann, explores our impulse to report on calamity; the shimmer of attention to realms unseen; the concurrence of unrelated events and the body as evidence of a will having to let go. Neumann’s “deeply felt and deeply moving” work (NY Times) manifests as a ‘solo with other performers’, marking Neumann’s return to performing in his own work after an absence of several years.

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The Retreating World
An evening honoring the work of Naomi Wallace

7:30 pm, Friday, June 3
Gallery 1516
1516 Leavenworth St
Directed by Elena Araoz

A performance of the middle section of Naomi Wallace's brilliant play The Fever Chart, and a conversation about the playwright's work, life and perspective on the role of theatre in expanding our capacity for compassion.

“Naomi Wallace commits the unpardonable sin of being partisan, and, the darkness and harshness of her work notwithstanding, outrageously optimistic. She seems to believe the world can change. She certainly writes as if she intends to set it on fire.” —Tony Kushner

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