Ben Hoover

Saturday, June 4 at 10 a.m.

Becky daydreams. Becky gets fired. Becky worries that her barista got kidnapped. Becky is afraid an older woman is taking over her mind. Will Becky ever find solid ground? Experienced largely from Becky’s first-person perspective, Midlife situates the audience deep inside her brain. It asks the audience to consider where the mind goes when it wanders, what it means to have agency over your actions, and encourages wonder over what goes on in other people’s heads.

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  • Stage Director – Danielle Smith


  • Becky – Kim Gambino
  • Ma – Andrea Lang
  • John – Hughston Walkinshaw
  • Her Boy Blue – Dan Shaked
  • Michael Virgil Simon – Timothy Mantil
  • W, G, Red, Lady [L], Mom – Andrea Hart
  • Oliver [O], M, C, Boss, Swede [S] – Kevin Barratt