Student Referral Form

The Behavioral Consultation and Advocacy Team (BCAT) responds to MCC students who are in need of guidance, support, and/or the MCC conduct process. The purpose of this referral form is to give BCAT the information needed to respond to student situations appropriately.

If you believe a student or the community is in immediate danger, please contact College Police at 531-622-2222 (ext. from campus phone: 22222). After calling police, please complete this form so BCAT can provide appropriate follow-up..

Instructions: Please completely fill out the online referral below; do not print this form. This form will be placed in a secure site and only shared as needed to respond to the student(s) involved. A copy of the completed referral will also be sent to your MCC email.

*You may also file a report “for information only” if a situation needs documented but may not require immediate intervention.

If you have questions, please contact us at or by phone: 531-622-BCAT (531-622-2228).

Julie Langholdt, Dean of Student Advocacy and Accountability
Sara Miller, Case Manager for Advocacy and Accountability

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You may be contacted regarding your report for additional information.

Below are categories that may be causing you to be concerned about a student or may put a student at risk of violating the Code of Student Conduct. Select all that may apply:

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Provide a detailed description of the incident or behavior that is causing you to be concerned, using language that is specific, concise, and as objective as possible. Please use direct quotes, including profanity or abusive language. Describe changes in behavior. Please forward any additional documentation to the Behavior Consultation and Advocacy Team at*

Please provide us with the names and contact information of others that may be able to provide additional information or who were witnesses to the behavior of concern.

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