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Thailand, a wondrous kingdom with a fascinating history in the center of Southeast Asia, is the site for this culinary arts focused study abroad experience. Beginning in Bangkok, one of the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and compelling of Asian cities, students experience a metropolis of over ten million inhabitants. Three days of culinary instruction at the Blue Elephant Cooking School in a dazzling century old mansion allow participants to discover the culinary wonders of Royal Thai Cuisine. Considered one of the world’s most delicious, Thai cuisine, with a unique blend of particular tastes: hot (spicy), sour (piquant), sweet, and always highlighted with citrus (lemongrass and lime), is explored throughout the entire study abroad experience. Visits to cultural sites such as Buddhist temples, markets, palaces, national parks and ruins, the friendly people of Thailand will leave students with many memories of Thailand, the "land of smiles".